Mikey Budd

Mikey is a Jersey boy, and proud of it. He's always had an active lifestyle as a soccer player, runner and of course, break dancer! But, it wasn't until he found the beauty & benefit in yoga, that he finally felt centered. Mikey's days as a "b-boy" are the baseline for his innovative hip-hop flows which will surely make you sweat.  His strong practice and fierce warrior mentality will push you to excel. 

He may have big muscles, but don’t be intimidated; he has a big smile and huge heart to match.

Coffee Order

Green Tea

Favorite Word


LA Restaurant

Fat Burger

Monica or Rachel


Karaoke Go-To

Nuthin But a G Thang

Nextflix & Chill

Write Raps & Chill


There are no bookable classes for Mikey at the moment

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